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Brandon's ability is to connect to souls that have passed on with evidential proof that they are around you. Speaking with Brandon he'll be able to connect with your loved ones that have passed on and share messages of growth and love. Giving you great clarity to life's obstacles and how to handle certain emotional blocks. The intention of the connection is to bring you peace that you couldn't find before your reading. With Brandon's mindset of "no bull" he'll relay a real & authentic connection. 


The reading is the exact same as it is in-person. Virtual sessions are user friendly that use the zoom platform. Using Brandon's online booking platform you can schedule an online reading in your timezone. If your guest is in another area they can use the same zoom link. Each private reading includes your option of including one guest.


Edmond, Oklahoma
*exact address will be sent to you in your confirmation email

Mark the correct time zone if you choose virtual. 

In-person experiences are located in Edmond, Oklahoma

Medium Reading with Brandon



Medium Reading with Brandon


Start here!
In this session, I read your energy then open up a channel to connect with your loved ones on the other side. If you are missing a loved one and feel they may have a message for you, this is the session for you. Many find that this communication can bring closure, comfort, and peace. Please note that questions regarding family estate, money, and assets most likely can not be answered. This is a delicate subject that can sway the reading in a negative way, which may cut off the connection with the loved one.

If you have never worked with Brandon this needs to be your 1st appointment to book before scheduling any other ones.



Energy Reading with Brandon

Energy Reading: Individual

*repeat clients only*


This is a great option for a person who is looking for Guidance, or needing me to read their energy to help find answers to specific issues.You are welcome to bring up to 3 questions to your session. This is the perfect session if you just need a basic energy conversation with Brandon. Mediumship is not intended here but sometimes angels pop in. This experience is often the most popular on-going session with my clients.


Spiritual Coaching Session


This is a time for us to be present so you can share your spiritual experiences and receive guidance in them. We go over any questions you have to help you stay one, or find, your spiritual path. This is similar to life coaching, however, we bring your Spirituality to the table. I am NOT experienced in ET experiences, or astrology, but if you want to learn more about your Guides, Angels, Energy, Reiki, or psychic mediums ship, I’m happy to be a part of your journey.

Spiritual Coaching with Brandon


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