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Psychic Medium Presents A New Perspective on Soul Care!

Brandon Burton, a devoted father to four sons and a gifted Psychic Medium, guides individuals on their path to self-discovery. He connects with his clients at their current stage in life, leading them towards a heightened awareness and a Christ-centered consciousness that enriches their existence. Witness Brandon deliver insightful validations and profound messages in the video below. We invite you to venture through this website and experience the profound impact of the spiritual world on your life.

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Book A Session with Brandon

Brandon offers a sixty minute reading either online or in-person (Edmond, Oklahoma) Brandon will connect to your family members that have passed over including your spiritual team for guidance and healthy healing lessons. Book today to have your experience.

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Invite Brandon into your Spiritual Journey!

Enroll into Brandon's 100 Days Mastermind and experience a complete life changing experience. Your soul hasn't felt this before, explore the program today and enroll if you're ready to commit to your healing journey!

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Find out why you were abused.

Embrace the tumultuous path of profound transformation with "The Grand Supreme Awakening," an eBook penned by renowned psychic medium Brandon Burton. It offers an unfiltered gaze into the depths of personal hell—one that ultimately heralds the ascent to a celestial life on Earth.Brandon guides readers through the spiritual crucible that shapes our deepest understanding of pain and how to wield it as a tool for holistic management. His compelling narrative serves as a key, unlocking the harrowing whys and hows of our most challenging life experiences.

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Journey of a Soul
6 Video Series with Brandon

Are you new to all of this and would like to explore the Journey of a Soul to get you current on the new profound explanation about your life and the purpose of your soul. Join Brandon as he teaches the beginning phases of a Journey of a Soul. This is a great place to start. 

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Masterclass on Spirit

Explore an advance comprehensive audio class about Spirituality and the life we lead here. These audio clips are perfect for the truth seeker ready for the next level in truth in their journey. Explore an advance level of spirit with Brandon today!

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Real Truth on Healing Ancestral BullSh$T (AKA Patterns)

Ready for real talk about the bull shit you have went through in your life? Brandon invokes your soul with this profound and new spiritual information on why your soul chose your crappy family to evolve out of. Are you ready for the next chapter in your healing journey? Enroll into this amazing video class!

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Development with Brandon!

Do you want to develop your intuition and your mediumship skills? Brandon has put together four video classes over 8 hours of education on development. If you're ready to take your spiritual gifts to the next level then enroll today and join Brandon for some fun & liberating spiritual lessons!

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Explore Soul Care with
Enlightenment On Beacon Hill

Are you looking for a tribe with kindred spirits that are recovering and repairing similar issues? Then you should explore Brandon's organization where spiritual practitioners and people are met with bridging the gap between therapy and spirituality for profound healing.

PODCAST: Understanding Spirituality

Join host Brandon on a profound exploration of the soul in "Understanding Spirituality with Brandon Burton." Tune in and transform your perspective with thought-provoking discussions, real-life anecdotes, and answers to the perplexing questions about the spirit and the self. Together, we'll explore the intricacies of human consciousness and unlock the secrets of the universe - one revelation at a time.

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