reconnecting you with your loved ones

Located in Edmond, Oklahoma or Zoom for virtual

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In-Person Session

Hi! I'm located in Edmond, Oklahoma and I have a beautiful & comfortable studio where I host my 1:1 sessions. Click below to book a 1:1 Join the waitlist if you don't see anything that fits your schedule.

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Zoom Session (virtual)

Zoom sessions work just the same so no matter where you live you too can have the experience with reconnecting to your loved ones. You'll choose your timezone and go from there. Easy breezy.

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Book a group reading for your friends & family. A group can include up to 10 people. Not everyone may get read but the experience is hearing as many messages & validations as possible. The group reading may last up to 2 hours. You can also book an event for work or an organization. This private group event is located at my studio in Edmond, OK. Please make contact if you are interested in a group reading that requires me to travel. Use the booking button below to schedule a private group at my studio in Edmond. Don't hesitate with questions! Thank you!