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Brandon Burton is a medium offering his services to people that wish to understand their lives differently, heal and grow with the help of their angels. Located in Edmond, Oklahoma Brandon offers in-person sessions in addition he does Virtual readings all over the world. He supports his family of four kids with this ability so he wants to thank you for being here. Take a look around!

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Brandon is a published author, medium, intuitive healer, father to 4 boys and a member of the LGBTQ+ community. Welcoming all walks of life to his practice, Brandon invites you to explore his videos, audios and eBooks for spiritual growth & healing opportunities. Thank you for being here & welcome to the official website for Brandon Burton!

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A note from Brandon
"Hi there! I would love to send you more information but first I need to know a couple more things. After you fill out the form below I promise to give you instant access to my online booking availability & pricing information. I can't wait to connect. You're almost ready to book just one more step below.

Listen to the "SAFE HAVEN" Podcast here.

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