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Connect with Brandon!

Welcome to the official booking page for Brandon Burton. Please use the information below to reserve your reading. Get excited for an unforgettable experience. Do not worry about your angels not coming through, they are there ready to speak with you. Please note, Brandon's in-person location is Edmond, Oklahoma but most appointments are virtual. You choose below when you schedule. Thank you for being here!

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Book A Private Reading

Schedule with Brandon for a private 1:1 reading. This special experience is protected with the Holy Spirit. Brandon connects using the permission of God and allowing you the holy & pure connection to connect with your loved ones that have passed over. Brandon has a special gift to bring a new form of peace into your life. Book today and experience a life changing moment! You can book with Brandon for an online experience or in-person located in Edmond.

PLEASE NOTE: 2024 is Fully Booked 2025 now booking

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Book A Group Reading

Bring your family & friends together for a group experience with Brandon. This 90 minute group reading will give you an unforgettable experience connecting with your loved ones that have passed on and giving you messages from the other side. This experience can also be scheduled for online or in-person in Edmond. If you wish for Brandon to travel please use the button below to send an email for more information.

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Book A Tarot Card Reading

Book a tarot card reading with Brandon and take a look at your current energies and how you can better prepare for what is coming into your life. In this reading Brandon uses the cards to connect with spirit and will give you the reading that you need to feel relieved, affirmed and at peace with the life God has in store for you.

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100 Days with Brandon 

Enroll today and start your 100 days with Brandon. This Mastermind is designed for you to start and begin when you're ready. You can begin the Mastermind by enrolling below.

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