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What is ancestral patterns & conditions?
We carry in thoughts and ideas into our adult life that have shaped us for who we are. Understanding certain patterns and loops will give you more control over your life. Take a listen to the first 10 minutes of class before you enroll. Make sure this is something you resonate with before moving forward.

>>Watch the first 10 minutes of class below.<<

Ancestors lace our lives with a subtle tapestry of influence, weaving their patterns through the intricacies of our daily routines. But recognizing the intricate threadwork they've left us can lead to a more intentional unfolding of our path. In this class, we explore profound themes that have been handed down through generations, shedding light on the unseen forces that shape our lives and how we can reclaim our autonomy.

Overview of Ancestral Patterns

  • Defining Ancestral Patterns: Unraveling the Legacies of the Past

  • The Legacy Ledger: How Ancestral Patterns Travel Through Time

  • Identifying Threads: Common Ancestral Storylines and Motifs

Ancestral patterns are the recurring themes we inherit from our forebears, not just in the genetic code but in the fabric of how we live our lives. By recognizing and acknowledging these ancestral imprints, we can begin the work of transformation.

Delving into the Family Tapestry

  • Stories at the Fireplace: Family Narratives as Life Guides

  • Beyond Blood: Community and Cultural Traditions

  • Inherited Rituals: Ceremonies and Practices

Through storytelling and shared experiences, we'll examine the tangible and intangible ways our families communicate their values and struggles, laying the groundwork for our own emotional landscape.

Reclaiming Our Stories

  • Trace Your Timeline: Mapping Ancestral Influences

  • Recognize the Signs: Identifying Reflections of Ancestors in Our Lives

  • Rewriting the Ending: Empowering Choices for Personal Growth

By mapping the patterns and conditions we've inherited, we can stand at a crossroads, choosing to continue the well-trodden paths or to forge new ways that break repetitive cycles and lead to personal liberation.

Family Photos in B&W
Family Lunch


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