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Who do you want to be remembered as?

Most of us need to break free from conditioning, being told who to be or how to live. Normalizing spirituality is a way for you to break through the walls and restraints we put on ourselves from growing in every area of our life. Everything comes down to one thing, your soul. 

If you can understand this process of a spiritual awakening I can promise you that you will confront yourself in new ways curating abilities to explore this life with different eyes providing a new sense of joy.

If your soul is longing for change and if you need guidance while becoming the person you've always wanted to be, this inner circle is perfect for you.

Have gone through it myself, I'm here to guide you and to direct you down a more smooth process. With my exclusive podcast and Facebook community you'll be provided resources to fill in the gap during your spiritual awakening and journey.
If you're new to this journey or if you're advanced in your awakening this experience will supply solutions for your spiritual needs.



Members will have access to a private Facebook group where freedom to talk about your spiritual journey, read about others and experience daily/weekly affirmations to live your true authentic self. Finding happiness is a daily practice and with this community you will be reminded that joy is just arms reach away.


Each member will have access to two free public events per fiscal year. There will be several opportunities to join Brandon at a group reading or public speaking event.


Exclusive podcast to members ONLY.
This inner circle podcast will air episodes 1-3 times a week. This platform will give you an inside scoop of never heard before stories, deeper spiritual lessons, more on Brandon's mediumship journey, full transparency and more! Curating a safe place for people like you & Brandon to communicate about things that we all know are true. 

>>listen to the first episode for free!!


There are plans for bonus content with special guests. Between certified therapists, Reiki Masters and other spiritual light workers, I plan to bring so much information to you from all points of the spiritual spectrum. I'm so excited for us to grow together, the information is limitless!




listen to the first episode for FREE!

Episode One: Being self aware of your own power & energies around you.Artist Name
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"This Inner Circle has allowed me to see things so much differently. It's important for people to know this program works but only if you show up for yourself and take accountability of what they're not doing. Or they may even need to admit that what they are doing just isn't giving them what they want. For me, this resource has allowed me to grow and level up in areas I never knew was possible. My connection to myself and my spirit guides is incredible. I've let go of so much fear."

- Annabelle L. (Arizona)

Step One:

Subscribe below, androids can use patreon. If the button doesn't work just search "Brandon Burton" under Patreon

Step Two:

After subscribing join the fb group below

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