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You're invited to join a virtual experience with Brandon Burton as he navigates your spiritual awakening journey with you. In this six series event you'll be able to join Brandon LIVE virtually to hear the process, techniques and methods of navigating this phase of your earth side journey. You don't need to experience this isolating journey alone. You truly aren't going crazy and with this program you'll be introduced to several others like you. If you're choosing to give yourself permission to normalize spirituality and to understand the big magnitude of why we're hear and how you can take better control of it, then this experience is for you!


  • You'll learn what happens when we pass over and what heaven is really like.

  • You'll learn how we're simply just souls having a human experience and how everyone has already chosen their path so we need to find clarity & understanding as to why and where to go next. 

  • Unlocking your own intuition. Understanding the signs, symbols and inner abilities to navigate a spiritual awoke life.

  • Exploring and releasing certain parts of life from early years that are controlling your present.

  • Understanding spirit guides, meditation and how you can connect to your higher-self and your guides.

  • Reasons & techniques of breaking patterns and old programing that doesn't serve us anymore.

  • Learning about the journey of souls, reincarnation, soul amnesia and why "bad things have to happen to good people"

You'll leave this program with the tools, resources & exercises to trust your own intuition navigating your life, fulfilling your purpose and helping others along the way. Being spiritually awoke and acting on it will help provide peace and unlocking parts of your life that are truly holding you back from becoming the best version of your self.

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Watch a sneak peek of class here


Purchase this class and get instant access to all six videos and you can start watching right now!

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